Frequently Asked Questions

Our name has changed from Destino Winter Conference (DWC) to Legacía because we believe Legacía most accurately reflects the importance of remembering God’s faithfulness in the past, our calling in the present and how to steward it, and the hope God gives for our future and the future of those coming after us.

Legacía is a huge aspect of our heritage. You can see it in our families, in our communities, in our churches and you can see it in Destino as well. We want to be intentional about our impact and we want to invite you into living with a Legacía mentality because everything we do today matters.

MLK weekend 2021. Beginning on Friday January 15th and having our closing event on Sunday January 17th. See our schedule to know what time we will be live on your time zone.

In order to ensure timely delivery of your Welcome Box, we are asking participants to register by January 1st. Registrations after January 1st will receive late Welcome packets, but will still be able to register.

The cost is meant to cover part of the expenses of your Welcome Box (from shipping it to you to the Destino swag in the box: t-shirt, stickers, journal, and more.) as well as, resources, event recordings and speakers.

Refunds are not available after December 1st, with the exception of having proof of an emergency cancellation.

This year we will be together via Socio, our virtual event platform. You will receive an email with a special code that will allow you to join Legacía via web browser or Socio App. Note that the email we are sending this code to is the one you used for registration. 

Yes! We know that going virtual does not compare to the usual being in person in a new city with hundreds of other Destino friends, however, this opportunity also means trying things and seeing God work through you locally.

If you are able to safely meet with others we encourage you to host a Legacía Watch Party with Destino friends, non-Destino friends and/or family. Our first priority is safety, so if this is not something that is possible for your group, please consider creating a group message so your group can chat while watching. There will also be a lot of opportunities to meet others virtually during the Gathering.

Here are some tips and tricks to hosting a Legacía Watch Party.