Student Worship Band Application

The Legacía Worship Band is made up of a group of Destino students and alumni (like you) from various parts of the country. They either sing or play instruments to form the band that leads worship for the Legacía Gathering every January.

Those interested in participating in the worship band can apply below. Once accepted, you will receive coaching from Band Directors in vocals and/or instrument, while also will be coached through how to play with a group of musicians. The Band Directors provide holistic care and support for those involved through spiritual mentoring throughout the weeks/months leading up to the event.

We are currently open to receive applications for the 2023 Worship Band. If you’re interested, we invite you to apply by filling out parts 1 and 2 of the application form. Notice that candidates must finish both parts of the application to be considered for acceptance. For questions you can email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be sent music ahead of time to learn on your own, then you will have multiple rehearsal times in person the days before and during Legacía.

Legacía begins the evening of Friday, January 13th. You will be asked to arrive Wednesday, January 11th.

All accepted band members will receive a full scholarship to attend Legacía. The scholarship covers registration cost, as well as the additional hotel nights for earlier arrival, and a few additional meals. You are only responsible for buying your own flight and the meals that aren’t covered.

Send us an email at and we can connect you with our student band directors, Lucas and Christy Lopez.