Welcome Familia!

January 14-17, 2022

   Legacía is a national gathering created to empower the Latinx community to live on mission for Christ. Legacía is formerly known as Destino Winter Conference and it is hosted by Destino.

   Legacía is a space to find refreshment for the soul, learn more about walking with Christ and others, being in fellowship with the greater Destino familia nation-wide, worship God in English y Español, and be part of what God is doing among the Hispanic and Latinx community here in the U.S.

   Our theme this year is “Por El Amor De Dios / For The Love of God”. It is for God’s love that we are here. We were created uniquely and intentionally “Por El Amor De Dios”. Jesus gave it all for us “Por El Amor de Dios”. 

¡Nos vemos en Colorado familia!

For questions: legacia@destino.org

“We did evangelism via a digital outreach. My cousin responded saying she wants to know God personally. It fills my heart with joy knowing that she is drawing closer to God.”

— Monica, CSU Fullerton

“Being able to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ made me feel loved and rooted in community.”

— Emanuel, CSU Long Beach

“Winter Conference gave me an opportunity to meet fellow believers who had similar struggles in their walk with Jesus. That allowed us to share our experiences and pray for one another—truly an amazing experience.”

— Angel, CSU Fullerton

“Through my time in the conference, I realized that I wasn’t trusting God in a certain area of my life. I was able to pray for and with others who were going through a similar situation.”

— Faviola, CSU Long Beach